Introducing Letter Treasure Hunt

Attention parents, educators and therapists! Letter Treasure Hunt (Therapro, inc. 2014) combines exercise and handwriting practice in a motivating and fun game to get kids moving and to develop important handwriting skills. It can be used in home settings, school environments, occupational therapy sessions, etc.

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From its humble origins as an idea to encourage handwriting activities for my son, this handwriting game was played on an existing game board covered with white contact paper, then adding stickers to decorate with my son’s favorite sports mascot. This idea then transformed into a prototype with a pirate graphic design, and finally into a more creative and fun finished product for children to develop their handwriting skills.

Letter Treasure Hunt game also provides children opportunities to develop social interaction skills by taking turns

  1. First you spin the spinner.
  2. Then you move your ‘ship’ (game piece) to the island of that letter.
  3. Then you take a ‘Captain’s Order card’ and perform the exercise indicated.
  4. Then you write the letter and the treasure collected on the alphabet island on your captains log.

Depending on how much time you have to play the game, you can take short adventures or much more extensive ones.  The Captain’s Log shows four variations.

If you are looking for a graduation gift for your child, consider getting her/him Letter Treasure Hunt to work on handwriting through the summer as a family activity. You can learn more at my website, and on Facebook.

Here is a testimonial:

Ayden super excited for his end of school gift. A great summer game created by his wonderful OT. Ayden loves it. Jenny's Kids

Ayden super excited for his end of school gift. A great summer game created by his wonderful OT. Ayden loves it. Jenny’s Kids

Letter Treasure hunt is a great game for all ages.  My son, who dislikes writing loves to write out letters and words while playing treasure hunt.  There are many different play options in terms of how much play time you have.  This game has the perfect balance of focusing on writing technique and physical activity.  It keeps them active yet focused.

The perfect gift to keep kids writing during the summer or to play on a rainy day.

Ayden:  I love this game.  I get to learn and have fun while I play treasure hunt. I love seeing what letter I will land on or what pirate activity I will have to do to move on.

Ayden’s mother

Special thanks to Tracy Rasmussen, Insight Photography, Inc


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